Multipacks of anything often mean more waste

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Whether is crisps, cans of beans, treats or vegetables, anything that’s made into a multipack will mostly involve more packaging.

I was excited to see that canned goods would be put on a multibuy offer so that they didn’t need the plastic wrap anymore but I haven’t really seen it happen.

The same happens with Christmas items but when it comes with Christmas Crackers you can often end up with the wrong number of crackers. You have 8 people coming so a set of 6 is not enough so you have to buy 12 and the 4 left over….well who knows? There are probably boxes of mismatched crackers in dining room sideboards across the land!

You can buy any number of Sock Crackers, you pick the sock size for each of the crackers and add them to your basket. We then pack them into a box that we mail them to you in. There is no additional packaging.

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Hi, I’m Tess. I came up with the idea for Sock Crackers the Christmas that my twins were born. I’d always hated the tat in traditional Xmas Crackers so had been making our family’s crackers for years. That Christmas ‘baby brain’ meant I bought socks for all the crackers (without realising until I was filling them!). Everyone loved and 2021 is the 3rd Year of Sock Crackers

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